Response to Covid-19

Since March 20th, we have been issuing a weekly survey to business leaders on their responses to covid-19.

The data below is a summary of their responses.

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When do organizations expect to see a return to relative business normalcy?

Each week we ask business leaders when they expect to return to relative business normalcy. The chart shows what percentage of companies think the duration will be.

Respondents (250)

Did organizations have a business continuity plan before the outbreak?

We anticipate a significant increase in the number of companies that have or are in the process of preparing a business continuity plan. In this visualization, the size of each rectangle represents the proportion of companies that had a business continuity plan before the outbreak. Click on the “No” rectangle in the visual to see if companies now have one or are actively developing one to post covid-19.

What have organizations implemented or plan to implement in response to covid-19?

Companies are keeping personal health and safety as top priorities and are issuing advisories related to remote working, leave, events and travel. The stack bar visualization shows the percentage of companies that are expected, not expected, unsure and have already implemented each of these polices. Hover on each bar to show the exact percentage value. Click on the text in the legend to remove the selected category in the visual.

What percentage of employees worked from home full time prior to January 1, 2020?

What percentage of employees do organizations expect will be working from home full time by April 1st?

Top technology tools or policies organizations rely on to help teams work more efficiently remotely.

Tools / technologies that are missing / needed to help manage and work with teams during the likely covid-19 business disruption.
  • Video Session with Clients
  • Remote team building techniques and tools
  • Community Response Organization Platforms
  • Virtual Reality
  • Virtual whiteboard for team meetings
  • Services based digital classrooms
  • Augmented reality office headset
  • Better badwidth for home office
  • Drone food delivery

Will any of actions organizations take in response to covid-19 remain after pandemic ends?

Which do you expect to remain?

  • More people will have better setup to work from home improving productivity ,reducing office space needs; traffic congestion
  • Reduced travel
  • More use of Virtual meetings, virtual signatures
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Diversification of business to ensure less reliance on in-person revenue generation
  • Virtual health guidance
  • Staggered shifts
  • Enhanced business continuity planning and tech readiness.
  • Events will be limited for the remainder of 2020
  • Office Cleaning measures
  • Extended sick leave
  • Online learning/curriculum delivery

When do organizations expect to see a return to relative business normalcy?

With covid -19 slowly subsiding in China and many countries enforcing complete lock downs, we expect the spread to slow down and companies are expecting a return to relative business normalcy for the organization somewhere in the next 3-6 months, The chart shows what percentage of companies think the duration will be.